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Fierce, Fabulous, Focused…and Fifty

swimmingSo, it’s been a minute since I’ve posted on my blog. Actually, it’s been about 1 1/2 years. What can I say … life got in the way. I also had some serious health challenges last year, which I’ll write about later. But thankfully I’m doing well and am so happy and blessed to see another year!

2018 is a pivotal year for me as I’ll be turning 50 in July. Surprisingly, I had a difficult time turning 30, but I’m actually looking forward to this milestone birthday … and applying for my AARP membership! I’ve been asked what I have planned for my 50th birthday. I actually don’t want a big, major party. As my best friend told me during her 50th celebration in New York City last month, she wants this year to be about experiences, and I totally concur. I’d like to focus on goals that have been on my bucket list for ages and challenge myself to mark them off my list.

So far there are a few things I want to accomplish this year. I definitely want to get a tattoo (to my husband’s chagrin). I’d like to take a girls’ trip with my mother and daughter. I also want to (finally) learn how to swim. And this morning, I took the first step towards achieving that goal by attending a swimming class.

When I arrived at my local YMCA this morning, I was greeted by my lovely instructor who is about 20-years old and looks uncannily like Rihanna. When I first entered the pool, she said, “I’d like to know what you can do. Why don’t you push off with your feet, kick your legs and try to swim.” I looked at her like she was speaking German. I said, “Uhm, I’m not prepared to do all that just yet.” She said, “Oh, you’re a beginner.” I said, “Yeah! Duh! Most definitely!” So she gave me a floaty and I started kicking and propelling myself through the water. Of course the first time I stood up, my left boob popped out of my swimsuit! [Can you say “mortified”?!] But I worked through it. By the end of the 45-minute class, I was pushing off by myself, without a floaty or swim board, kicking my legs, and doing some variation of strokes with my arms. I was so pleased with my progress! I don’t have the breathing down yet, but I’ll continue working on that in the coming weeks.

wakandaThe swim class also consists of twin sisters who just moved to the States from Africa. They don’t speak English but they’re absolutely adorable! Their father, who accompanied them to the class and speaks English, asked me if I was from Africa. I said, “No, I’m from Kentucky.” He said, “Well, you definitely look African.” That made me smile. [Wakanda FOREVER!!]

I want my 50th year, as well as the rest of my life, to be about challenging and pushing myself, and to stop procrastinating with my personal aspirations and goals. As the saying goes, “Life is not a dress rehearsal.”

Here’s to my year of being FIERCE, FABULOUS, FOCUSED, and FIFTY! Stay tuned ….




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