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Yummy wine smoothies

Red wine, particularly Merlot, is my favorite libation (hence the name of my blog…duh!). I love the deep garnet color, inhaling the sweet, woodsy undertones as I bring the glass to my lips, and the rich, smooth, full flavor in my mouth as the liquid gingerly flows down my throat. Mmmm…

But I definitely enjoy drinking other wines – red or white, it doesn’t matter — because when it comes to wine, I am considered an “equal opportunity employer.” As Matron Mama Morton said in Chicago, “I love them all and all of them love me…”

Recently my mother and I were shopping at a local liquor/party store where samplings of some of their beverages are often provided. I love it because it gives you the opportunity to try something you wouldn’t normally buy. That’s where I sampled the Vine Smoothies, which come in peach, berry, strawberry and pineapple coconut. I was reluctant at first but was very pleasantly surprised.

Vine Smoothies contain Chardonnay, Dutch cream and all natural flavors. The flavors add just enough fruit without being too sweet, and there’s the right amount of cream to keep the drink smooth without being too heavy. As a big-time pina colada lover (did I mention that I also like mixed drinks?!), the pineapple coconut is my favorite, with peach being a close second. 

The drink is delicious enough on its own, but the Vine Smoothies website (www.vinesmoothies.com) includes several recipes, which I can’t wait to try.

These smoothies have turned into a nice little go-to beverage in my drink arsenal. Whether I’m entertaining a few people or if a friend and I merely want to chill out and shoot the breeze, Vine Smoothies are a light, refreshing drink that everyone is sure to enjoy!


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